First time to attend SAET. Happy experience! Conference website:

2017 Conference Program.

Some nice remarks 🙂

  1. Got a lot of useful feedback on my presentation on unraveling under distributional constraints. I realized that I have so many things to work on.
  2. Met many new people, and made new friends with whom we share similar interests. Coffee breaks and lunch/dinner times were really great opportunities to exchange ideas.
  3. Attended Shengwu’s Aliprantis Prize Lecture with Paul after lunch. It’s my third time to hear his talk, but every time I was very impressed 🙂
  4. Got Paul’s signature for his new book “Discovering Prices – Auction Design with Complex Constraint”. His words are always so encouraging. Yes, I must keep working hard 🙂
  5. Asked a question on whether we should diversify research interests on the Plenary session memorizing Ken Arrow, and got useful insights from the panelists. During our social dinner the next day, our SAET president Prof. Robert Townsend restated this question and encouraged us to do interdisciplinary research. I really appreciate that they were still thinking over it, and they were trying to guide us young economists so carefully.
  6. The ending is pleasantly surprising: in the early morning on June 30, Prof. Robert Townsend was sitting near me on the same plane! 🙂