招募我在MetLife团队的商业合作伙伴(储备营业处经理),坐标北京朝阳区 。感兴趣的亲们欢迎用Boss直聘app联系我,或发送简历和自我介绍至8601010791@metlife.com.cn或hu.yuqing@hotmail.com。欢迎转发和分享。
I am looking for business partners (west point agency managers, WAM) to join my team at MetLife Beijing branch . Those who are interested are welcome to contact me via Boss Zhipin app, or send a CV and a cover letter to 8601010791@metlife.com.cn or hu.yuqing@hotmail.com. Please share with anyone who might be interested. Thank you!



  1. 新加坡流明实验室创新培训 (http://lumenlab.sg/)
  2. 日韩深度学习之旅
  3. 美国常春藤名校深造
  4. 150万个人奖金

In its 150 years’ anniversary, MetLife launched its “150 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs” global recruitment program. The West Point Agency Manager (WAM) will have the following exclusive benefits:

  1. Training in Lumen Lab in Singapore (http://lumenlab.sg/)
  2. In-depth travel and study in Japan and South Korea
  3. Study at ivy league schools in the United States
  4. 1.5 million scholarship for each individual



  1. 接受公司培训,熟悉以需求为导向的顾问行销方法和流程;了解保险、基金、股权等知识,以及合同法、保险法、继承法等法律法规;根据法律和行规调整,与时俱进
  2. 为客户提供专业而全面的资产安全规划分析,并提供风险控制、养老规划、资产传承等方面的建议
  3. 入职后继续接受组内培训和管理职一对一的辅导
  4. 招募新人;发展自己的团队;带领团队达成业绩目标
  5. 参与并组织晨会、每周例会,月度例会与其他公司活动
  6. 协助和参与公司的宣传与推广工作;塑造良好的营业处氛围和企业文化

Job Description:

  1. Taking MetLife’s training courses, getting familiar with the need-based sales (NBS) methods and processes; Understanding insurance, funds and equity, as well as contract law, insurance law, inheritance law, and other laws and regulations; Staying up-to-date on regulation changes and industry updates
  2. Providing customers with comprehensive and professional analysis in financial security planning, and offering advice on risk control, retirement, asset inheritance, etc.
  3. Constantly receiving group training and one-on-one coaching from mentors
  4. Recruiting new team members; Developing his/her own team; Leading the team to achieve sales goals
  5. Attending and organizing morning meetings, weekly meetings, monthly meetings and other company-level activities
  6. Assisting and participating in MetLife’s promotion activities; Creating good business atmosphere and corporate culture



  1. 有责任底薪,加上按业绩的提成,收入无上限
  2. 公司内部设各种奖励和竞赛(比如针对新人有“新人王”和“菁英会”项目),每年有多种奖金和多次国内外免费旅游的机会
  3. 有明确的晋升路线,每6个月一次晋升机会;晋升管理职后有增员奖金和管理奖金;最快两年能晋升至营业处经理
  4. 每周工作日从周一到周五,每个月最低要求80%的工作日打卡,工作时间自主有弹性
  5. 有机会参加百万圆桌会(MDRT)等国际寿险会议

Salary and other Benefits:

  1. Basic salary plus commission, without upper limit
  2. Awards from competitions within the company (e.g. “New Sales Kings” and “Elite Clubs” for new members); Bonus based on performance; Opportunities for free travel at home and abroad every year.
  3. A clear promotion route, with one promotion opportunity every 6 months; Team management bonus and recruiting bonus after promotion to a managerial position; Possibility of being promoted to the agency manager (AM) in two years.
  4. Working from Monday to Friday, with minimum 80% of the working days in office per month; Time is flexible
  5. Opportunities to participate in international life insurance conferences such as the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)



  1. 年龄25-48周岁
  2. 有责任感、乐于学习;乐于助人,具有亲和力;自我驱动,兼具竞争和团结合作意识
  3. 本科学历及以上;专业不限
  4. 过往年收入15万及以上
  5. 无寿险经验
  6. 良好的职业道德;良好的心态

Basic Requirements:

  1. age 25-48
  2. Responsible and willing to learn; Willing to help others and having high level of affinities; Self-driven, competitive and cooperative
  3. Bachelor’s degree and above; Any major is welcome
  4. Average annual income from the past above 150,000
  5. No prior life insurance sales experience
  6. Good professional ethics; Stable mood



  1. 重点院校毕业生(比如211、985学校)
  2. 硕士及以上学历
  3. 有5年以上(管理)工作经验
  4. 海外留学或工作经历
  5. 团队管理或项目经验
  6. 人脉广,在北京居住两年及以上
  7. 逻辑思维和共情能力;创新能力


  1. Graduated from key point schools (e.g. 211 and 985 schools)
  2. Master’s degree and above
  3. At least 5 years’ (managerial) working experience
  4. Overseas study or working experience
  5. Team management or project experience
  6. Having extensive contacts in Beijing, or living in Beijing for more than two years
  7. Logical thinking and empathy; Creativity