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Arrived in Jerusalem on June 30, so missed the first part. This year’s topic is not exactly my research field, but the lectures are all great! 🙂 Everything is familiar here, recovering my happy memory when I first attended the summer school in 2014.

Classmates are very smart and friendly. They have many nice insights and are good conversationalists. I have so many things to learn from them 🙂 To my great delight, there are a small group of attendants doing research on matching, market design, and behavioral economics 🙂

Recorded lectures: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTn74Qx5mPsRGmbUg8id_62BPv7ZMUQhl

Program website: http://www.as.huji.ac.il/content/28th-jerusalem-school-economic-theory

2017-06-15 15_59_13-Mechanism Design Economic School 2017.pdf - PDF Complete



My presentation at Students’ poster session: Poster for Summer School


2014 Economics School poster