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My presentation at Global Health & Human Rights seminar. Below are some highlights:

What is World Bank?

  • History
    • Established in Bretton Woods Conference 1944 to rebuild Europe
    • Evolved to concentrate on meeting the basic needs for the developing world
  • Organization Structure
    • World Bank Group v.s. World Bank
  • Leadership
    • Boards of governors
    • Board of directors
  • Units
    • Regional units
    • Network units

What does World Bank do?

  • Mission and Goals
    • Fight poverty and strengthen sustainable development
    • 8 Millennium Development Goals
  • Activities
    • In developing countries
    • Through loans and grants
    • Fields including human development, agriculture and rural development, environmental protection, infrastructure, and governance
  • Human Rights and Development
    • Non-explicit: activities have human rights dimension
  • Health, Nutrition and Population
    • Strengthen health system through result-based financing
    • Focus: access to health services, childhood nutrition, HIV/AIDS

Impacts & Results

  • Overview
    • $17 billion, 605 projects, over 30 international partnerships